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Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charters Gloucester, MA

Gloucester Tuna Fishing Charters MA
The Tuna Hunter crew pull in a 920 pound bluefin tuna.

Tuna fishing is a specialty of Captain Gary, who has been giant bluefin tuna fishing since the '70's, owner/captain of Tuna Hunter since 1984. Gary's tuna landings span the eastern seaboard. Tuna Hunter is a consistent highliner through the years, as this is Gary's focus and passion.

Giant bluefin tuna fishing is like big game hunting - careful selection of the fishing sport, research of the tuna paths and migration routes, feeding patterns and habits, selection of the right bait and presentation for the day's light, weather and sea conditions, all are part of the hunt for a hungry, mighty giant bluefin.

A giant strike is like hooking into a Volkswagon on the highway - these Tuna fish do not nibble! Anglers fight giant bluefin tuna for as long a one's arm will turn. Able anglers take turns to keep green muscle on the fish, while Captain Gary handles Tuna Hunter for optimal action and efficiency.
Bluefin Tuna Fishing
2 Bluefin in one trip!

 The excitement and energy in the air from strike to tail wrap, to boating the fish is awesome! This is Wicked Tuna, with class.

Bluefin Tuna Fishing Highlights:

° Offshore fishing trip, 15-30+ miles, depending on where best fishing is that day.

° Heavy Tackle for Giants, or Light Tackle for School Bluefin. We carry all sizes of professional tackle, fly rods to Penn 130s. Check out the Matsuura tuna reel - awesome.

° Best Gloucester tuna fishing is July through October, but each year is different. Last year tuna arrived early June, and we had a mild winter - tuna season opens June 1st. We'll be there - will you?

Tuna on the depthfinder - hooked up minutes later


° Giant Bluefin tuna fishing is by trolling or chumming, anchored or drifting.

° Kite fishing for tuna, wind willing. It's an awesome hit!

° May encounter Sharks, Cod and Haddock, Whales, or Bluefin Tuna






Gloucester Giant Tuna Fishing Charters MA
Gloucester Giant Tuna - a nice day's work for a classic crew!

Tuna Fishing Charter Pricing:

Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charter Options
Full day Bluefin Tuna Charter
Duration and Departure 9 hrs, usually depart 5:00 AM
Price * $1400 for up to six persons

Combination Tuna, Cod, Haddock and Whale Watching Charter
Duration and Departure 9 hours, usually depart 5:00AM
Price * $1400 for up to six persons

Bluefin Tuna Marathon Day
Duration and Departure 12 hrs, usually depart 5:00 AM
Price * $1650 for up to six persons

Bluefin Tuna Charter Multi-Day Marathon
Duration and Departure

Two days, usually depart 5:00 AM, fishing all night.
For serious fishermen only!

Price * $4600 for up to six persons

* Prices do not include 15-20% Mate's tip for service provided.

Charters who land a giant bluefin tuna (over 73 inches) are eligible for 20% of the sale price of the fish, up to the cost of the charter. Call us for details.

School, large school, medium and large medium tuna may only be retained if federal regulations allow. Federal regulations change from year to year, and often change within the tuna season. For the latest NMFS Bluefin Tuna regulations, see the NMFS HMS Permits shop at


* Prices do not include 15-20% Mate's tip for service provided.



All Tuna Hunter Charters depart from Cape Ann Marina, slip J6, 75 Essex Avenue, Gloucester, MA